Ray's Chart

IE8 Accelerator for Instant Online Chart Generation

Click on this button to add the accelerator to IE8.

Ray's Chart allows you to generate charts from table data on web pages.

Select any data table on a web page and a chart will be generated for you using that data. You can also customise it by changing its type, colour and other settings.
Try it now
  1. If not installed, use Add IE8 Accelerator button on the right to install Ray's Image Search Accelerator
  2. Select everything inside the red box below
  3. Click IE8 Accelerator Icon image to open Accelerators menu
  4. Point your mouse at this menu item: Generate Chart with Ray's Chart Generator menu item
The usage share of web browsers, April 2009 (source: Net Applications)
Web Browser Share
Internet Explorer 66.10%
Firefox 22.48%
Safari 8.21%
Google Chrome 1.42%
Opera 0.68%
Other 1.11%

This screenshot shows how it's done: open screenshot
How it looks
Follow instructions in the Try It Now section on the left and you will get this chart. Customisation is done using button controls in the left bottom corner of the window.
How it looks
Advanced chart generation
By clicking on Generate Chart with Ray's Chart Generator menu item menu item you can navigate to Advanced chart generation page. Here you will be able to perform more customisations and print or export the chart.
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